Welcome to our Contact Time Festivals

Our festivals are dedicated to explore Contact Improvisation as a movement practice. We focus on an artistic approach and somatic practices that support the dancing body.

Usually the festivals have a size of 30 to 50 people, which makes it possible to connect to most of the others and without getting lost in too many connections.

We are working with various teachers from different countries to enrich the practice and widen our horizons.

Our festivals welcome all bodies and genders!

Founded in the country side 120km south of Berlin, Germany, Contact Time became
a traveling CI festival.
Different places have their different qualities and we enjoy to dance with them,
moving with and between old beech trees in the Midwest of Germany or
touching sand, stone and water in Portugal.
Classes, labs and jams happen in the studio as well as outdoors.
Find out more about our different events below.

Dance with us under the sun of Portugal!


Some history

Soon there will be pictures and some stories where it all began…



is everywhere.



is our teacher.

Principles, technique, embodiment

is what we want to share and explore.



is what we feel to invite you to Contact Time!


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Memories of the Contact Time @ SerVivo Festival in Portugal

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It is the disturbance of balance that creates movement.

Nancy Stark Smith, dancer and much more